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"My husband and I have been using Betty Parmenter for 20 yrs. She is the absolute BEST Physical Therapist we have used. She knows how to diagnose the problem and treat with astounding effectiveness. Betty is also caring, kind and strong, she truly is an amazing therapist."

~Pam Z.

   Escondido, CA

"I have had two abdominal surgeries in the past 2 years. Since the surgeries I had been dealing with terrible low back problems. I had sought chiropractic care and massage therapy which helped alleviate the pain. However, I had no core strength to hold the adjustments. I finally decided to get some serious physical therapy, and I scheduled an appointment with Betty. Betty worked on my low back, hips and legs with ART. The treatment worked and I'm almost pain free! I am now able to do the core strengthening exercises she has prescribed and I'm on my way back to being 100%! Thanks Betty!"

~Michelle Talbot

   Vista, CA

"Following the conclusion of my high school water polo career, I began to experience pain throughout my shoulders and upper back. I was unable to continue training (both weight training and in water training) at my current level because of the pain. Betty Parmenter recommended ART therapy as it would not hinder my training regime. After only three sessions, both my shoulders and upper back began to loosen up allowing me to continue training free of pain. In addition to the therapy, Betty gave me a variety of exercises to keep my shoulders and back flexible. I am currently training at an even higher level as I prepare to play for CAL and represent the United States as a Junior National Team Member."

~Collin Smith

   Cal Berkeley Mens Water Polo, US Junior National Team Player

I don't know exactly where to start, but I will begin by saying that when I tell people about Betty, I refer to her as "The body whisperer". I can't think of a better description. Betty absolutely knows her craft and you feel her warmth and compassion the moment you meet her. I was looking for someone who was certified in ART and found Betty. I went to her for a bad osteoarthritis flare in my knee. My husband joined me with a frozen shoulder. His frozen shoulder, that was so painful, was completely resolved with Betty's expertise. No need for surgery. My knee also got better with the addition to exercises she taught me to do at home. I have sent many friends to Betty and they have been so thankful. I can't say enough about Betty and her physical therapy practice....take my word for it (and I have been to many others in the past), she is the BEST! If you choose to go see Betty, you can thank me later!

~ Amy C.

"Betty is truly gifted, her Active Release Therapy  is so efficient, she has treated my family and myself for years now even after surgery and always gets us back to our fitness rich lifestyle much quicker than predicted. Caring, always makes time to see us, nothing is too much trouble, I have recommended Betty to friends and they are always equally thrilled with the results and her ability. From riding accidents, to sports injuries, Betty always relives the pain and speeds recovery. She has healing hands and a wonderful demeanor. Highly recommend her to anyone in need of pain relief and long term wellness."

~Debbie Lawes

   San Marcos, CA

While on the west coast, there is no other physical therapist who delivers the skillful and knowledgeable techniques than Betty Parmenter. It is always a pleasure to know her Staff is ready and willing to assist to make your health care their dedicated focus, as they always deliver attentiveness to details while being genuine in their care. Thank you Team Parmenter!

~Deborah Burggraaf

   2013 and 2014 FAPA Silver Medal Author,

"I play baseball for a competative travel team and last year I was diagnosed with elbow tendonitis. My doctor told me it would take a year to recover. I started physical therapy with Betty Parmenter soon after and was treated twice a week for a little over two months. My therapy included ART to the muscles of my arm and she also assigned me strength and flexibility exercises to continue at home. I was happy to be better so quickly. I have returned to playing baseball with my travel team and at high school without a problem. Since then I stop in for ART treatments if I start to feel tight. This has kept me painfree and playing ball without a problem for the last year."

~Christian Hellmers

   Torerors baseball Club, Carlsbad Freshman baseball Team

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